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Who we are

Offset Carbon. Change the World.

We’re shaking up the carbon credit industry and supporting everyday people and businesses to offset their greenhouse gas emissions. Your support to Karbon-X invests in CO2-reducing projects across the globe that protect our oceans, air and forests.

Join a community of leaders, changemakers, trailblazers and champions of change who believe in a brighter future.


Meet The Team

Chad Clovis

Karbon-X Founder

As a serial entrepreneur, Chad saw a gap in the carbon marketing space while working to offset his trucking division. The complicated, time-consuming process was filled with barriers and Chad couldn’t find anyone offering an accessible and empowering way to fight climate change. So, he created it himself. Karbon-X makes reducing your carbon footprint easy with its carbon offset app that lets you decide how you want to invest in the fight for our planet’s future.

Carbon offsetting is an outlet for people and businesses to do better right now. Karbon-X was created for everyone who wants to participate in life, rather than simply exist. Chad is passionate about offering this outlet to build a better future for our kids and the planet.

Marita Dautel

Karbon-X Vice President

Marita brings a unique perspective to Karbon-X. Her parents were ahead of the times powering their Northern Alberta home with solar energy in the early 90s. Marita was raised to be conscious of energy usage and was always fascinated by how something as simple as the sun could power an entire house. The early 2000s brought a boom in the oil and gas industry in her community, leaving previously clear skies filled with the glow of flares used to burn off natural gas associated with oil extraction. This sparked her commitment to fighting climate change and childhood dream of helping the world harness the powers of renewable energy.

Marita is excited to help everyday people say yes to carbon offsetting and is driven by her desire to mitigate human and animal suffering caused by the current climate crisis.

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