Karbon-X Project Inc. is a subsidiary of Karbon-X Corp (OTC: KARX), a publicly traded tech-based carbon offset marketing company. Our mission is to give people the power to drive positive change for the planet. We endeavor to achieve this, by providing a platform for people and businesses to offset a portion of their carbon footprint through our mobile app. In turn, we invest in green projects that reduce, remove, or prevent greenhouse gasses from being emitted into the atmosphere. We are committed to producing high quality, impactful carbon offset projects, that are meaningful to our users.

At Karbon-X we know that people are the key to any successful business, and therefore offers competitive salaries, benefits and a flexible and inclusive work environment.

We will be looking to expand our team in the months and years ahead as we are enjoying a time of rapid growth.

Currently, there are no open positions at the company.

Check back here in the future for new job opportunities.