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Karbon-X is a simple subscription you can use to offset your carbon footprint.




Tonnes of CO2 removed


Trees planted


Tonnes of CO2 removed

Trees planted

What is it?

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsets involve investing in projects that reduce or remove an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to compensate for emissions produced elsewhere. When offsetting your carbon footprint you’re actually preventing greenhouse gases from being produced.

How it works

1   Identify a Project That Matters to You

Pick a project that speaks to you. Whether it’s helping women in Nepal get access to clean burning cookstoves or helping replenish the Amazon rainforest in Bolivia.

2   Become a Carbon Offsetter by Purchasing a Monthly or Annual Membership

Find the right option from our 4 plans: Individual, Couple, Family, or Business. Select the one that aligns best with your budget and preferences.

3   Receive Measured Outcomes, Updates, and Rewards

Experience the fulfilling excitement of investing in a more positive world with project updates and shareable milestone badges to proudly display your climate action.
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“Signing up for Karbon-X is an easy way to do something great for the planet. As much as I’d like to cut 16,000kg of CO2 from my lifestyle, my game schedule doesn’t exactly allow for it. Making the choice to do something positive for the environment is empowering.”

— Mark Stone

Captain, Vegas Knights

“Why is saving the planet important to you? Karbon-X lets people choose how they save the planet”

— Zachery Dereniowski

Philanthropist, Medical Doctor

“Karbon-X makes it easy to do something great for the planet. It’s like a streaming service for the environment. I signed my family up for Karbon-X because it feels good knowing I’m doing my part to fight global warming.”

— Roman Josi

Captain, Nashville Predators

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