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Karbon-X Corp announces launch of their Web-application

Karbon-X Corp announces launch of their web-application, giving environmentally conscious people the ability to easily offset a portion of their carbon footprint.

Karbon-X Corp. (OTCQB:KARX) announced today that the company has launched the Web-App version of their Karbon-X App, which provides a platform for everyday people to offset a portion of their carbon footprint and in turn positively impact the planet. Users can simply go to to start the process. The App will be available for download from Android and Apple App stores by mid March, 2023.

“I’m delighted to announce the first phase of our Karbon-X App launch. Our mission at Karbon-X, is to give people the power to drive positive change for the planet. To accomplish this, our focus over the last year has been the development of a user friendly, well designed, impactful and shareable app, giving everyone access to easily reduce a portion of their carbon footprint. This is an exciting moment for the entire Karbon-X Team, our trusted Investors, as well as our future customers who have been awaiting the launch. We are proud to showcase our various offset projects, and are eagerly anticipating the show of solidarity which will allow us to gather user feedback and further enhance the user experience.” said Karbon-X CEO Chad Clovis
The Karbon-X App sets itself apart in the carbon offset space by offering:

  • Convenient, easy to use platform offering change users can count on
  • Ability for users to pick a project to support what matters most to them
  • A shareable Karbon-X Badge is available for users to share once they have signed up to offset a portion of their carbon footprint. Making it easy for users to share their part in helping the planet on their social platforms
  • In-depth project updates, including project achievements and additional badges for continued support of the project they’ve chosen to support
  • Confidence that their decision to offset a portion of their carbon footprint is making a real difference, as all projects invested in undergoes a stringent vetting process to ensure it’s efficacy, and that all stakeholders are taken into consideration.

Users choose from 5 offset strategies including Air, Water, Earth, Energy or Innovate, depending on what matters most to them. They also pick a project from various carbon offset projects including: a reforestation project in Bolivia, an ocean de-acidification project in multiple locations around the world, and an oilfield process optimization project in Alberta/Saskatchewan Canada. More projects are under development and will be added to the platform in the near future.

On behalf of Karbon-X Corp.

Chad Clovis
Chief Executive Officer & Director

About Karbon-X Corp.

Karbon-X Corp is a tech-based carbon marketing company specializing in the sale of carbon offsets to everyday citizens wishing to reducing their impact on the planet. The company gives users the ability to pick a project that interests them, and subsequently re-invests into carbon offset generating projects that matter most to their users. Industrial users are also afforded the opportunity to offset their environmental impact through the Karbon-X Drillgreen initiative, details of which can be found at