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Karbon-X 101

Karbon-X 101

Save the World in 3 Steps

Doing something positive for the planet doesn’t have to be rocket science. Karbon-X lets you subscribe for a membership based on your carbon emissions, pick climate projects for your money to fund, and then track the impact your dollars are making.

For 5 minutes and less than the price of a Netflix membership, you can join part in protecting the planet for the future.

Karbon-X 101

Believe in Better

We’re Optimists. Dreamers. Doers.

We believe that there’s not just hope for a thriving future for our planet, there’s a path to getting there. While everybody should be able to make an impact, not everyone has a clear opportunity—— until now.

Our Mission

Democratize the fight against climate change.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple, give everyone the chance to help the planet.

Our Mission

Democratize the fight against climate change.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple, give everyone the chance to help the planet.

Karbon-X 101

Polls Reflect Environmental Concern

Look at any poll and the numbers show that there is a vast percentage of the population that cares about the health of our planet and wants to act. The problem? There’s not always an easy way.

Karbon-X 101

Accessible Climate Solutions with Karbon-X

You could bike to work, but what if that’s a 2-hour ride away? You could buy an electric car, but what if you don’t have the cash? Maybe you already recycle, buy LED bulbs, and heat your home sparingly, but what if you want to do more?

This is what Karbon-X was born to solve. Our platform is designed so that anyone can offset their carbon footprint and be a part of the climate change solution.

How Carbon Offsets Work

How Carbon Offsets Work

Consumer Goods and Carbon Footprints

Think about your favorite things – cozy slippers, your favorite snacks, or this season's rain jacket. The truth is that the production of these things contributes to some level of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. And when you purchase them, they are part of your carbon footprint.

How Carbon Offsets Work

Inevitable Carbon Footprints

So should you never buy anything? Of course not, that’s impossible. While limiting and being selective with what you buy is an important step in lowering your carbon footprint, the reality is you are always going to have some sort of carbon footprint.

How Carbon Offsets Work

The Power of Carbon Offsets

That's where offsets come in. The idea is that by paying money towards projects that remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere in the form of buying carbon credits, you can offset the emissions in your life.

The money you pay then gets reinvested back into these projects so they can remove more CO2.

The Truth About Carbon Offsets

The Truth About Carbon Offsets

Integrity Through Verified Offsets

The truth is not all carbon offsets do what they promise, and they haven’t always been used for the right reasons. That’s why Karbon-X operates under stringent verification and ethical standards.

The Truth About Carbon Offsets

Deceptive Carbon Offset Practices

Carbon offsets have been a favorite tool by wealthy companies to greenwash their marketing. They use offsets to make claims about carbon neutrality without doing any work to reduce their overall emissions. In the worst of cases, they might buy offsets from shady projects that don’t actually work or reduce greenhouse gasses in the way they claim.

The Truth About Carbon Offsets

Unlocking Carbon Offset Potential

It sucks, we know. But just because there are bad actors out there doesn’t mean carbon offsets don’t work. When done right, they can help companies achieve carbon neutrality today while they work to reduce overall emissions.

When properly regulated and verified, a carbon offset represents a certified promise that green house gas has been removed from the atmosphere that would have been produced without the offset.

Our Approach to
Removing Green House Gas

Not all carbon offsets are created equal. Part of why we started Karbon-X was because we realized many of them don’t work at all.

Our Approach to Removing Green House Gas

Practicality, Implementation, and Integrity

Carbon offset projects can fail for a lot of reasons. In some cases, they aren’t practical, are impossible to implement or have unforeseen consequences that cause damage.

In the worst of cases, they may be intentionally misleading to allow companies to make claims about being carbon neutral without doing (and more importantly paying) what it takes to be done.

Our Approach to Removing Green House Gas

What Sets Karbon-X Apart?

So how is Karbon-X different? All our projects we use to offset carbon emissions have to check 8 boxes to ensure they create meaningful change.


Projects must genuinely need our support — we avoid projects that would proceed without us.


Projects create lasting impact through sustainable initiatives like reforestation, to ensure a lasting environmental impact.

Transparency and Reporting

We do regular audits and share that information so nothing is in the dark.

Social Impact

We prioritize initiatives that enhance local communities' well-being by providing immediate benefits like employment opportunities and healthcare access.

Measurability from Baseline

Ensure our projects contribute to a net decrease in atmospheric CO2 levels, relying on scientific methods to quantify carbon reduction.


Our carbon offsets are registered publicly to ensure transparency, prevent double-counting, and guarantee that each contribution is uniquely impactful and verifiable.


We meticulously assess potential projects for unintended consequences, committing only to those that provide holistic solutions to environmental challenges.

Third-party Certification

Our projects undergo rigorous evaluation by respected external bodies to ensure they meet global benchmarks for environmental integrity and impact.

What projects do we fund?

We’re glad you asked. Here’s a look at two of our projects, to explore every one of our projects, click the projects tab.

Project Spotlight

Amazon Rainforest Restoration

We're reforesting previously clearcut areas of the Amazon Rainforest in Bolivia, partnering with Silviculture Systems and 4EverForest to fund tree planting. Over the past six decades, extensive deforestation occurred for agriculture. By acquiring the land and using native Baru Nut Trees, we're restoring the ecosystem and supporting local biodiversity.

The Baru Nut tree allows sustainable harvesting without harming wildlife. To date, 70,000 trees have been planted, with a goal of 5 million by 2052, contributing to carbon sequestration and ecological balance.

Project Spotlight

Ocean deacidification with Heimdal

This project creates machines that do something pretty incredible — use solar power to extract CO2 from the ocean and deacidify seawater. Treating this water allows it to aid in converting CO2 into stable forms that sink to the ocean floor for long-term storage.

Developed by Heimdal and supported by Karbon-X, this technology aims to restore ocean health to pre-industrial levels, allowing it to naturally contribute to the planet's carbon cycle. Pretty cool, right?

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Climate Projects
Now is The Time To Act

10 bucks? That’s enough.

There are not many places where you can make a real impact for the price of a sandwich and fries. But that’s the beauty of Karbon-X — joining us means joining over 17,000 other folks working together towards solving the problem of climate change.