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  • Address: Calgary, AB, Canada
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Plexus Process Optimization

Plexus Process Optimization


Calgary, AB, Canada

Project Owner: Plexus Technology Corp & Karbon-X
Offset Verification: Verra Gold Standard
Project Length: 5 Years
Start Date: Jan 2023
End Date: Jan 2028



Reduce excess C02 being emitted into our atmosphere when you choose the Plexus Process Optimization project.

The oil and gas industry uses a process called flaring to dispose of waste gas generated during their operations. Fuel or waste gas is ignited at the end of a flare stack – a tall metal tube which the gas is sent up. This causes the characteristic flame associated with flaring, which can be seen burning 24 hours a day in oil and gas production areas. Globally 145 billion cubic meters of gas is flared each year, causing 2% of global emissions.

Plexus owns and operates several natural gas fuelled power generation facilities in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada. They’ve created an innovative process to redirect natural gas that would be flared off in normal oil &gas operations, and instead use to generate electricity.

Selecting this project helps eliminate harmful environmental effects created from current industry practices.

How it works

Plexus uses CAT generators equipped with particulate filters and catalytic convertors to generate electricity from waste gas. This process replaces the industrial standard of “flaring” which releases harmful gasses into the atmosphere with no emissions controls.

Though this project doesn’t remove C02 from the atmosphere, it drastically reduces the amount being emitted and therefore is beneficial in solving the global carbon problem. All means of reducing C02 matter.

Voluntary carbon offset projects are certified by 3rd party scientists who measure exactly how much C02 a project will remove from the atmosphere. This provides transparency in the market, ensuring the project is effective. This project is in the process of being verified by Verra as part of our commitment to producing quality offsets that are backed by science.

Once scaled this technology will have a progressive impact on flaring in the oil and gas industry. Plexus is leading the innovative charge to reduce emissions created by oil & gas production.

Over 2.1 billion tonnes of C02 will be offset by this project over 5 years


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