About the project

Reforestation company focused on planting Baru trees in Boliva Focus on partnering with indigenous communities Job creation Trees Produce Baru Nut Nut is used by farmers to add to cattle feed (rich in protein) Nut husk can be turned into renewable charcoal source

Silviculture Systems Reforestation

Silviculture Systems Reforestation


Chiquitania Region of Bolivia

Project Owner: Silviculture Systems Corp & Karbon-X
Offset Verification: Pending BioCarbon Registry Approval
Project Length: 30 Years
Start Date: April 2022
End Date: April 2052



Be part of the solution when you choose the Silviculture Systems reforestation project in Bolivia.

We’ve partnered with Silviculture Systems to plant 5 Million Baru Nut trees in Bolivia by 2025. These trees are unique as they are native to the region and not only remove C02 from the atmosphere, but also produce Baru Nuts which provide a nutrient rich food source for animals in the ecosystem. We’ve successfully planted 70,000 trees, and by selecting this project you’ll help us reach our planting targets in the region.

How it works

This isn’t your standard reforestation project. Though the main objective of the project is to plant trees, this specific tree produces a large husk to protect its Baru Nuts as they grow. These husks can be processed into sustainable charcoal, rather than being discarded, as they have been in the past. Right now, trees are being cut down to be made into charcoal. By replacing existing charcoal practices with more sustainable ones, we are maximizing our positive environmental impact.

Positively impacting the communities that our projects touch is crucial to our planets’ prosperity and Karbon-X values. Our partner, Silviculture Systems employs indigenous peoples in the region so your support not only helps the planet, but will lead to economic prosperity for surrounding communities.

The science

Trees remove C02 from the atmosphere by converting sunlight, water and C02 into new wood as they grow, and releasing oxygen in the process. By simply existing, they are helping to restore the damage created by deforestation of the Amazon rainforest.

Voluntary carbon offset projects are certified by 3rd party scientists who measure exactly how much C02 a project will remove from the atmosphere. This provides transparency in the market, ensuring the project is effective. This project is in the process of being verified by BioCarbon as part of our commitment to producing quality offsets.

From supporting local agriculture, replenishing natural ecosystems, and creating jobs this project delivers real impact.

Over 38 Million Tonnes of C02 will be offset by this project over 30 years.


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